"I’m an Artist and a Christian. I am not the Devil"…. Andres Serrano

Tv is obsolete. The Internet is absolute

Is This Art Photography Any Good? | VICE Canada

great watch! hilarious commentary by Bruce Gilden


Neza - Your Baby (Lyric video) | #shotbyshakes

Neza - Your Baby (Lyric video) | #shotbyshakes

"I’m learning not to compromise the things i want to do/achieve, even tho its taking me a bit longer to get there."


One of the more interesting short films from the Afrinolly short film competition that just concluded. It manages to take a seemingly mundane subject and make it into a layered, toungue in cheek but poignant discourse. This won the 2nd place prize.


A short “Documentary”…. is a short film about being short. Moby “Lil Mo” Dikeh and her friends tell us what it feels like to be Vertically Challenged.By Soji Oyinsan II

Passenger Seat Chronicles II


Instagram: @ShotbyShakes

Passenger Seat Chronicles

life through my lens

instagram: @shotbyshakes

Zino - Temporary Love

Live Performance



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